Frustratingly Unerotic Fingercuffs
Hello everyone, I'm Evin (or Pan), I live in Connecticut and I'm 23. Interests include but are not limited to: cosplay, Young Avengers and other Marvel comics, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Cabin Pressure, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, Vikings, Hannibal, The Legend of Drizzt, sculpture and fiber art, random facts and scientific tidbits. My interests may change without warning, and for this, I sincerely apologize. My lack of consistency is staggering.


If you ever get frustrated with your writing, just remember that Tolkien once described Feanor as
“wounded with many wounds”


avengers age of “don’t say the M word or we have to pay three million dollars to 20th century fox”



The best feeling ever is when you’re cosplaying at con and you walk past someone and they say you’re character’s name super excitedly.

Especially when they’re cosplaying a character from the same series.  uwu 

The best thing to ever happen to me was last year at Otakon when I was Wiccan. I was shuffling down a crowded hallway, going the other direction I saw a Peter Pan cosplayer. We locked eyes, recognition dawned on both of us simultaneously, Peter exclaimed “Billy!” I exclaimed “Peter!” and we reached out excitedly toward each other as the crowd took us in opposite directions. It was straight up magical.


Last month Image Comics released a new title by the famous writer-artist team Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, best known for PHONOGRAM and Young Avengers. Their latest project, The Wicked + The Divine, tells the story of twelve gods who appear on earth in human form every ninety years, inspire the masses, and then die within just two years. In the 21st century “recurrence” these deities live out their time on earth as the most worshipped of all figures: pop idols.
The gods who appear in The Wicked + The Divine represent a wide range of different theistic traditions and mythology, some of which are familiar to the casual reader and some of which are more a bit more obscure. In honor of the release of issue 2, I’ve created this brief field guide to six of the twelve gods of the pantheon. As the other six appear in the story I’ll update with a part two.
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This was my weekend research project.